The Review: Fuller House

Photo credit: Courtesy of Netflix

So, it is FINALLY here-- Fuller House! Many of us anxiously anticipated the airdate of this show, and I’m sure that many of us got up early just to watch it on Netflix! Up till the launching of this show, I felt nothing but excitement for Fuller House to start.

I started watching the first episode, which immediately brought me back to feeling part of a familiar family. Seeing Danny, Uncle Jessie, Aunt Becky and Joey walking in was intriguingly reminiscing. Although years later, they all still look fabulous! I would have loved to see more of all of them throughout season 1, but I realized later on that Fuller House was directed in a much more different direction than Full House. As I interestingly zoomed through the episodes, I noted that the situations taking place were much more mature, which I sort of already expected.

The original kid cast such as DJ, Stephanie, Kimmy and Steve are so entertaining to watch. I love the fact that we got to watch these amazing actresses and actors grow up before our very own eyes. DJ and Kimmy grow up to be amazing single moms, but the best of friends still. Stephanie wows us with her beautiful love for music and dance, while being a caring aunt to her sister’s three boys. It would have been nice to see Michelle in the mix, but we’re hoping to get a surprise appearance in one of the future seasons (fingers crossed).

Kimmy hasn't changed a bit, from her fashion to her humor, I found myself laughing to her acting parts more than anyone else's. But as I got further into the season, I found myself hysterically laughing in every episode. Steve, who doesn’t love Steve? Still a complete romantic, who I hope will eventually end up with DJ!

Let's talk about the new generation kids in Fuller House. Elias Harger, who plays DJ’s middle son Max Fuller, is absolutely adorable and so very charismatic. He almost reminds me of a little devious Michelle. Michael Campion, who plays DJ’s eldest son Jackson Fuller, is a great role model to his younger brothers just like his mom was to her younger sisters. Dashiell Messitt and Fox Messitt who play DJ’s youngest son as Tommy Fuller Jr., are just starting off their adorable careers, much like the Olsen twins did years ago playing Michelle in Full House.

As Stephanie says “It’s like the circle of life!” The humor, the lessons, the family, nothing much has changed about Fuller House! The family has gotten bigger, but the love has stayed the same. Season 1 of Fuller House captured my heart just as much as Full House did when it came out, and I hope that there will definitely be a season 2, 3, 4 and so on. To the cast of Fuller House, “job well done!”