Diary of a Foodie in Vancity

Photographer: Vinodha Chetty

Vancouver’s a food paradise!

With diverse cultures and ethnicities, we get to experience a great variety of cuisines in Vancouver, and the options are just overwhelming.

I am going to be taking you all throughout a food journey across Vancouver and will be letting you know about all those cool places to check out, for every type of cuisine.

Japanese Cuisine 和食

When I first came to Vancity, the first type of food that I tried was Sushi. Everyone here just loves Sushi and there are literally as many Sushi restaurants as there are coffee shops!

You really have to experience Japanese cuisine to love it and once you taste it, you are bound to get addicted to it. Many people have told me that this is mainly because Japanese food is filling, but your stomach doesn’t feel heavy at all. The best part of good food is great taste with a positive benefit to your health, and that’s exactly what Japanese food offers you.

Personally, I am a big fan of Japanese food. Vancouver is a perfect hub for Japanese food lovers! Whether you are new to Vancouver or live here and want to try Japanese cuisine, these places are a must go.

Sushi and more sushi!

Kishimoto Japanese kitchen

Great technique and finesse

Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen serves some of the best sushi in Vancouver and with beautiful plating that you could keep staring at. The tea light surrounded by a thin transparent piece of daikon is just mere art on a plate. The food is as good as it looks. Top pickers include Salmon Oshi sushi and Black Cod Zuke.

Ebizu on Robson

For a first date

Salmon Pepper Popper @Ebizu | Photographer: Vinodha Chetty

Ebizu on Robson is perfect for a date, with great ambience, and without burning a hole in your pocket. My favourite here is the Salmon Pepper Popper sushi. This sushi has a twist of spice to it from the jalapeno, which is unusual for sushi and they sear it right at your table for that smoky barbeque effect.


Cheap eats

Fujiya is the best place for on-the-go sushi. Their bento boxes are particularly popular and their sushi rolls and sashimi are very affordable. Perfect for students!

Kawa Sushi

Located on Victoria Drive, Kawa Sushi is one place you need to go to if you want to eat sushi on a budget. Try their speciality rolls, especially the Kawa Roll (with smoked salmon, mango and asparagus wrapped with Tobiko).

Sushi Itoga

Fresh as it can get Sushi

Partnered with the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise™ program, Sushi Itoga’s sushi and sashimi are amazingly fresh, with very reasonable prices!

Ajisai Sushi bar

Will go back

Ajisai Sushi Bar is an extremely busy place with amazing sushi, and they have great quality food and service. The House Special Roll and the variety of Nigiri are something to look out for.

The Eatery

Innovative style

The Eatery is a perfect place to hang out with friends on a Friday night. They have an amazing ambience with neon lights! The sushi here is contemporary style. Try their Japanese Fortress and Sake Bombs!

Kaide Sushi

Humble and authentic

Kaide Sushi has some of the best quality sushi. Try Toro Sashimi and Mako Roll.


Great ambience Miku gives you a perfect view of Vancouver Downtown waterfront and is perfect for high-end dining. The food here is just delicious! My personal favourites are Salmon Oshi and Aburi Style sushi.

Grilledaddictive Teppanyaki

If you want to experience Japanese food in an exciting environment, try Teppanyaki restaurants. The cooks will make the food right in front of you on a charcoal grill, and serve it to you fresh and hot.

Osaka Teppanyaki

The food at Osaka Teppanyaki is great and the experience is even better.

The chefs here are professional and will keep you entertained throughout your time there.

Osaka Teppanyaki | Photographer: Vinodha Chetty

Kobe Japanese steakhouse

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse is a superb teppanyaki place, especially for shrimp dishes.

Ramen For A Hearty Meal

Photographer: Vinodha Chetty

If you are looking for comfort food, all you need is Ramen! That light, flavourful bowl of soup noodles is a great stress-buster on a rainy day.

Hooaido Ramen Santouka

Located on Robson Street, Hooaido Ramen Santouka serves flavourful Ramen. The Shio and Toukatsu Kara Miso ramen are simply delicious!

Hida Takayama

For tasty and inexpensive Ramen, try Hida Takayama. Their Shoyu ramen is extremely flavourful and light. Top it with an egg and chasiu (pork barbeque).

Drink & Dine

Japanese food cannot be complete without sake (rice wine). Try these places for an amazing sake drinks!

Shuru Ku Sake Bar and Bistro

Shuru Ku Sake Bar and Bistro has a large sake selection and is a great place for a relaxing evening out.

Artisan Sake Maker

Hidden on Granville Island, Artisan Sake Maker is a must-go to try sake place. It also has a tasting room with a single tasting for just $2. Try the Osake Fraser Valley Junmai for refreshing and bold flavours.

Dessert Picks

Sake pulp sea salt ice cream from the Guu Garden is just out of this world with such unique flavour.

Matcha latte from Basho Café is as refreshing as it can get!

Another place to check out, for those of you with a sweet tooth, is Mimibuloveme. Their parfaits are a great hit! Black Sesame or Green Tea parfaits are my favourites!