Vive La Vida With Mexican Food

"A beber y a tragar, que el mundo se va a acabar"-- This famous Spanish quote translates to “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow, we die.”

Mexican cuisine is all about festivity! Food is a major part of the Mexican culture. A Mexican dish not only looks colourful, but also ensures that all areas of our taste buds are captivated, and that we are left feeling content and joyous!

Mexican food is hearty… it celebrates life. Ranging from tacos, burritos, tostadas, enchiladas, mole, tamale, and chilaquiles, Mexican cuisine never fails to impress.

Vancouver, being a food hub, is home to several authentic Mexican joints. Buen provecho (Bon appetite)!

The Mexican, Antojitos Y Cantina-- Authentic and unpretentious Mexican food.

This small place in downtown is always packed and bustling with energy. This is one of the best places for authentic Mexican food. The servers here are extremely nice and will help you decide what to get with utmost patience.

Their chimichanga (burritos) and enchiladas are my favourites. Also, try their Huarache De Carne Asada, a dish with corn tortillas, sirloin steak, Serrano chili and cactus leaf. It’s a great dish to share for two and you can add on extra tortillas for just $1.

Chipotle-- For the sustainable Vancouverite.

With several joints all around Vancouver, this is place to go for those of you looking to get a quick bite. It serves burritos, tacos and bowls, and you get to decide the toppings. The dishes are made from pasture-raised animals and non-GMO ingredients. An added bonus is that they use 100% recycled fibre to make their bags, bowls and napkins. Don’t forget to check out their “Cultivating Thought - Author Series.”

La Mezcaleria-- Will go back!

With homely Mexican food, great service, and a lively ambience, this place in downtown is always busy for a reason. This is one of the very few restaurants that have some authentic Mexican dishes that are served nowhere else in Vancouver.

Their most popular dish is the Queso Fundido, a molten cheese fondue served in a volcanic rock molcajete along with mushrooms. This dish is a must-try and “tastes like heaven.” Another dish that I couldn’t get enough of is the Barbacoa De Cordero. This is a lamb shoulder, roasted and wrapped in a banana leaf, and served in a volcanic rock with onion and jalapeño sauce. Guaranteed to melt in your mouth!

Sal Y Limon-- Casual and fun!

The name of this restaurant translates to “salt and lime”, but this place is a lot more than just that. Sal Y Limon is a great place to experience amazing Mexican food, with beautiful Mexican artwork added on to the dining experience.

Try their mouth-watering sopes and quesadillas-- you won’t be disappointed. Their range selection of delicious sauces gives the food an extra punch.

La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop-- For Taco lovers.

As the name suggests, this is the place to go to try out the tastiest tacos. They have unusual taco fillings, including braised beef tongue and chicken with chocolate mole sauce. This is also a great place for those looking for vegetarian and vegan options.

The Mexican Gourmet-- For a friendly experience.

This sweet little place in Coquitlam is a new find and serves some good Mexican food.

Though I wish the portions were a bit more filling, the taste of the food was very delicious, fresh and home-like. This place carries a special kids menu as well.

Gringo-- For drinks!

Tucked away in Gastown, this is a great late night place to grab some drinks with Mexican food. After having the watermelon bourbarita, Thai buckets and the mason jar double margaritas, there is no looking back.