Exclusive Interview with Dr. Anthony Marotta, Co-Founder of Peqish

I am proud to share with you an interview with Dr. Anthony Marotta, one of the Co-Founders of Peqish. He explains how he sees Vancouverites adapt to a healthier lifestyle with the food that he provides.

Peqish is a Vancouver based food company co-founded by Drs. Kenneth To and Anthony Marotta, that aims to bring healthy food options to Vancouver by making everything from scratch, without the use of obscure ingredients/chemicals that are commonly found in fast foods nowadays.

What I love most about Peqish is that their food offerings are made by paying attention to every detail, and is cooked, like home food, with focus on quality.

Peqish believes in keeping things real and simple. Here’s what Dr. Anthony Marotta has to say about bringing healthy food options to Vancouver.

What makes Peqish different from other food outlets?

Unlike other entities that make food from scratch, Peqish wants its food to be broadly accessible to the masses, which is the basis for its pricing scheme. Despite producing, what may be perceived as high quality food products, they attempt to maintain pricing as close as possible to the fast food industry as they believe that eating right should not come at a premium. Beyond this, since both co-founders have a scientific background, they believe that more effort should be invested in understanding the impact of chemicals/additives found in food and their relationship with human health.

Which food item on the menu is sought after in Vancouver?

Sandwiches, salads, breakfast wraps and our Greek yogurt parfaits. Oh, and we can't forget about our cookies.

What is your favourite dish on the menu and what do you love most about your menu?

I love our West Coast Salmon Salad Sandwich, which has freshly baked wild coho salmon, made into our salmon salad with our signature aioli, onions, capers, shredded carrots and peppers. This is served on a locally made multi-grain bread. What I love most about our menu is that, for the most part, the food here is made from scratch like people used to do years ago when food wasn’t so heavily processed.

Do you see Peqish help Vancouverites adapt a healthier lifestyle? How?

For a scientist, this is a difficult question to answer without running an appropriate clinical study. We aren’t about advising people to eat something because it will help them lose weight, or detox their body, but simply by virtue of the fact that the food is real and scratch-made, we hope that it satisfies you and makes you feel good.

Do you see Peqish becoming a fine-dining restaurant in the future?

We have been asked to do high-end meals for certain clients, and since we have the core ingredients and the culinary acumen, we are able to do this on an ad-hoc basis. For now we focus on offering clients good quality food, in a convenient manner that is reasonably priced as we believe that eating well should not come at a premium.

What can we see being added in the future?

We will be adding a few items for the fall, including our scratch-made pumpkin scone, pumpkin pie yogurt parfait and our pumpkin spiced latte made with festive spices and organic cane sugar. Additionally, with thanksgiving around the corner, we will also be offering house-made turkey and pumpkin cheesecake.

Any health tips for readers?

Eat.Right.Now ™. It’s up to you how you interpret it. At Peqish, it is not only about eating in a convenient way, but also about eating for you. Keep it simple!