Shoes: A Woman’s Best Friend

Other than diamonds, shoes are definitely a woman’s best friend! Now with all the designer brands and with all the online shoe stores, we have a never-ending selection to choose from. From different colours, styles, brands, and prices, we basically can get any type of shoe that we are looking for. While some shoes are made to give us extra comfort, others are just made to make our feet look stylish.

As the leaves turn orange and red, and the weather invites a chilly breeze, we tend to throw our summer shoes in the back of the closet and bring out our more closed toe ones. As the season gets colder and we have a higher chance of stepping into a pool of mud or rain, we want to ensure that our feet are protected right while looking good at the same time. So here are some great shoes that are a must-have in your closet.

Knee high boots. This look is sleek. You can dress it up or down and they protect basically, almost all of your leg. You’re good to go on a clear day or even in a rainstorm and your legs look like superstars. This is a great look for a lot of taller people, but also short as knee high boots elongate your legs. For the fall, try pairing up over the knee boots with with long jackets, short dresses or even tights and long knit sweaters.

Mid-calf boots are easy to wear and walk in. Available in literally every colour, you can find a mid-calf boot to match every single one of your outfits. In the preparation for fall, it is definitely worth investing in a pair of black and brown mid-calf boots to stay season colour stylish. These are great with longer dresses, skinny jeans, tights and even those daredevils who can pull off wearing shorts with nylons in any weather!

Ankle boots I completely recommend wearing in the fall, only on a clear day. Although it doesn’t necessarily protect you from a rainfall, ankle boots are stylish worn with tights, short or long dresses and skirts, and on capri style pants or jeans.

Loafer Slides are amazing for the fall. Not only are they easy to slip on, but they are also closed toe, so that the chilly weather doesn’t get to your toes. I don’t recommend you wearing these shoes in rain, they are more appropriate for the drier days.

Top Sneakers speak for themselves. There are so many different styles of top sneakers and they cover just enough of your ankle to wear in almost every weather type. Not only are they comfortable, but you can get dressier sneakers to compliment your fall outfit or just casual ones that you can wear on a daily basis.

Closed Toe Wedges are an excellent choice for the fall. They keep your feet warm and they are also dressy enough to wear on a night out in the town. They go well with fall dresses, capris and jeans.

All these shoes come in different styles and sizes. The heal of your shoe can be 6 inches or just plain flat. Some may fit your personality and some may not. The best way to find out which style is best for you is to walk into your favourite shoe store and try some out. How else will you know what to invest in?!