Vancouver’s ‘Healthy Eats’ Spots

Being a big foodie, I am unperturbed by the type of food I eat and I try anything that is edible. Typically, I love to gorge on spicy fried food and never care too much about the fat factor. But upon arriving to Vancouver, I’ve realised how conscious most people are about their fitness, tracking each calorie they consume. I had also taken up a research project in the area of nutritional sciences, and people would always expect me to give them health and diet tips.

Giving in to the pressure (everyone sure does need motivation to eat healthy), I started trying out a few healthy food joints. Though advising Vancouverites how to eat healthy would be like teaching a fish how to swim, I still will share a few outlets that I tried and enjoyed.

Buddha full

This is a must-go place for fresh, organic, vegan, and gluten-free food. There are some very unusual and unique kinds of salads and drinks that you can savour. Try their ‘Hot Shot’ health shot, made with ginger, turmeric, apple, lemon and black pepper that never fails to calm your nerves, and their gluten-free acai bowls.

Sushi Well

Sushi undoubtedly is one of the healthiest types of food. The seaweed wrapper in sushi has several health benefits, and the ginger and wasabi served with sushi are considered to be high in antioxidants.

Tucked in a corner near Columbia station, Sushi Well serves one of the best sushi and sashimi. Adding on to the health factor, they use pink rice vinegar to make pink rice sushi, which they claim to be advantageous to people’s health.


This is my favorite place to go to for a quick healthy bite. You can design your own salad wraps, which allows you to decide what you eat. Also try their fresh, house-made Kale juice.

The Acorn

With an assortment of refreshing ingredients and aesthetically presented plates, this is a must-go place for vegetarians, especially for those looking for fine dining vegetarian restaurants.


Nuba is a Lebanese restaurant that serves some amazing hummus and pita. Hummus (made from chickpeas) is known to offer a good dose of fiber and protein, and is a staple in the Mediterranean diet. Chickpeas are also known to reduce cholesterol. Try their ‘La Petit Feast’ to share with family and friends.