Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Have you ever wondered what a couple’s secrets are to keeping their marriage happy and satisfying? How do they really keep that magical spark alive?

Once upon a time ago, when marriages use to last forever, that era was soon to fade away and now, in this day and age, it has become obsolete. In the past, a marriage was considered sacred. When a man loved a woman, they got married while vowing to spend the rest of their lives together through thickness and in thin. Those words were serious and vows were never meant to be broken.

Now, sacrifice and forgiveness is a thing of the past. These days, we hear more and more about divorce, almost to a point where you can literally call it a “trend.” Sadly, a lot of marriages don’t even seem to make it pass the honeymoon stage. Even while giving it their all, it’s a difficult task for two people in a marriage to go from a bad spot to a good one. With that said, giving up might seem like the easier choice, but in a lot of cases that’s not necessary.

The biggest regret a lot of couples have after a divorce is that they didn’t try hard enough to keep the relationship between one another alive. Therefore, it's really important to give the relationship that you create with your significant other the attention that it deserves before reaching a breaking point. As time goes on in a marriage, it doesn’t have to get “old” or “boring.” Your effort will be recognized when you follow simple steps such as the ones below.

Communication. Communication is key in a marriage. Talk about everything, even if you’re scared to communicate about it. Being open and honest with one another is better than letting things build up and explode at the end. Communication allows you both to connect on different levels, which in return will make you both feel like you are keeping in touch with each other’s lives on a daily basis.

Trust. Trust is a huge puzzle piece in a marriage. When you commit to one another, you aren’t just saying some vows or putting on fancy rings, you’re both putting your whole lives into each other's hands – something that is only done when there is trust between two people. It is trusted that you will take care of each other in good times and in bad. You trust that your significant other will have your back when the going gets tough. You trust that they will love you unconditionally – and only you. Having trust plays a significant role in keeping a marriage unbreakable.

Appreciate one another. Setting aside some quality time with each other is valuable in a marriage. Instead of coming home and turning on the tv, try cozying up with one another on the coach and turning on a conversation. What happens throughout your loved one’s day should matter to you. Giving each other those real moments allows you to get back to one another after being apart for some time. Also, at least once a week, do something for your partner that shows you appreciate him/her. Whether it's buying flowers, a card or writing a small love note, appreciation goes a long way in keeping a relationship secure.

Never stop dating. In a marriage, we sometimes tend to get too comfortable. Remember how fun it use to be to get all dressed up and go out on a date? You should never forget how important it is to keep dating one another. Make a plan, dress up and go out once a week. Dinner, a movie or even a stroll along the beachside can be a romantic gesture. Going out on dates play an essential role in keeping the spark alive.

Compliment one another. Complimenting your significant other is another way of showing you are still very much interested in him/her the way you were from the first moment you both fell in love. You still want your partner to feel attractive, so complimenting each other is a great way to reassure that.

Involvement. Take interest in your significant other’s hobbies. Pay attention to them when they talk about things that excite them. Encourage them to do things that are on their bucket list and encourage them to go further in life. You two have made a vow to love each other through thick and thin so, make the most of that vow by being involved with one another’s dreams and goals. Inspire each other by getting involved and motivating.

Leave the past behind. Unless you are both reminiscing about your past together and how you met, never bring up the past. Leave any of your baggage such as past relationships, ugly fights and unnecessary issues behind. Stay focused on your marriage. Lugging your baggage into it will only cause more drama and you’ll lose sight of what really matters now – your significant other and you.

Never lose that physical connection. I’m not saying that you have to make love every day, but simple things like kissing, holding hands and even hugging really keeps the physical connection in a relationship strong. It’s nice to have a kiss from your partner throughout the day or even feel the touch of their hands while walking down the street. It's satisfying knowing that your partner is close and it brings warmth into a marriage.

Laugh together. Laughing is the best medicine. Having a sense of humour in a relationship creates a happy environment. It also creates a sense of comfort between each other. Seeing a smile on your significant other’s face only makes you feel good inside.

Flirt. Remember how you got each other in the first place? Never stop flirting with one another, it keeps the romance and curiosity sparkling. You never want your partner to feel like you’re not interested in them anymore. Therefore, flirting is a playful way to create that much needed electricity in a relationship.

Turn off the technology. If you want to spend some real quality time together, turn off the phones, iPads, computers – basically turn off the technology. Technology is a very common distraction in a relationship and you can’t have quality time together if your eyes are glued to a screen. Instead, glue your eyes on each other!

Saying "I love you" every day. Count your blessings and tell each other you love one another every day. Whether you do it in the morning, before you go to sleep or throughout the day, life is too short to not say these three powerful words to each other on a daily basis. Reassuring that you love and cherish one another will strengthen your bond.

Argue healthy. Some people think that arguing in a marriage is unhealthy, when really, it is one of the healthiest things you can do for a better and stronger marriage. Arguing in a healthy manner is a mature way to allow you both to grow as individuals and as a couple. Never exchange bad words as once something regretful is said, you can never take it back. That can cause unnecessary animosity that will hinder the relationship and make it very unhealthy. Sitting calmly, talking it out and coming to concrete solutions is the best way to fix any unresolved issues you both may be facing. Arguing also allows you to connect and have a stronger bond with one another, because you know that you can talk to each other about anything, all while overcoming any hurdles that may come your way.

Life does get in the way and sometimes, we forget how to respect one another the way we once did. Keeping the love alive doesn't just mean materialistic things, it means putting in the effort in a relationship to make sure it never hits a breaking point. Don’t ever underestimate each other’s love; you both came together as one because you both believed that you could stick it out until the end. Remember that sacrifice and forgiveness go a very long way. The suggestions above are some things that you can to do (emotionally and physically) to keep your relationship strong and sparkling throughout the years to come.