Be Summer Ready: 10 Tips

Summertime is just around the corner... That means light clothing, icy drinks, and very hot weather! There's just something about the summertime that brings up our spirits isn't there? The beaming brightness of the sun makes us genuinely happy. It's also a time when we can start planning a bunch of enjoyable activities. In order to do that, we should be prepared, so below I've listed 10 tips on things we can do to be summer ready!

1. Clean the patio. If you have a patio, clean it up and get it ready to use. Whether that means sweeping off the dust from your patio furniture or buying new patio furniture... Just make sure it's ready to be used in good weather.

2. Do you have a barbeque? Is your barbeque ready? Because when that hot weather hits, you'll want to be out there barbecuing up a storm!

3. Buy your sunscreen ahead of time. Sunscreen is an essential product when it comes to protecting your skin in the heat. It might even be wise to spend the extra bucks and stock up, because you know you'll want to be outside for most of the time!

4. Sunglasses and hats. Make sure to have your sunglasses and hat ready to go! Not only are they fashion accessories, but they also help you protect your head, eyes and skin!

5. Fun summer cups. You don't have to spend a lot of money on these, but usually around summer time, the dollar store comes out with some exciting summer cups and they could be cool to use – especially if you have kids or are just having friends over!

6. Summertime playlist. Get ready to boogie down with some summer beats! I recommend searching on YouTube for some great playlists.

7. Summer clothes. Yes, even your closet needs some summer lovin’ too! Do you have all your shorts, capris, crop tops, t-shirts, and tank tops ready to wear? If not, there's really no need to break the bank... Shop around at stores that carry great quality summer clothes for less like Walmart, Old Navy, and Superstore.

8. Swimwear. You’re probably going to want to take a dip in that nice cool water when it’s blazing hot. Get your swimwear ready! Don’t forget the accessories like life jackets, underwater goggles and cool pool floaties!

9. Footwear. Get the right type of sandals or flip flops, you’ll be wearing them until you literally wear them out!

10. Water supply. In the heat, you want to keep hydrated, so if you’re on the go, always keep a water bottle nearby. It would also be wise to have extra water bottles in your car or bag, just in case you run out.