Relax A Little!

Photography By Max Van Den Oetelaar

Does it sometimes feel like you’re driving 200km/hour, but in life? Even if you try, it seems like you just cannot find the time to simply unwind and sneak that relaxation time in.

Life is busy, we all know that. You may have a job, a family to raise and take care of, maybe you're a stay at home parent, or just a busy working parent, or you could have more than one job that you are trying to balance. You have many commitments that need to be taken care of – I get it, you’re busy. But just for a second, could you think about how important it is to relax for even just a little bit out of your day?

Whether it’s getting a coffee, meeting up with a friend to chat, or doing some yoga, I cannot stress this enough, for your mental and physical well-being, it is so important to take even a little bit of time out of your day to relax. Your body needs it, your mind will appreciate it and you will see a difference in how you present your yourself overall. Having time for yourself is key in functioning better and just being a healthier person in general.

There are numerous benefits to practicing relaxation such as the reduction of stress hormones, muscle tension and chronic pain, it maintains your blood pressure, regulates the heart rate, improves digestion, decreases anxiety, depression and insomnia, and it gives you an essential boost of energy. As you can see, all these benefits you get just by relaxing everyday are very fundamental to your wellbeing and allows you to function properly.

Some other great ways to relax are doing meditation, visualization, Tai chi, and deep breathing.

Today gives you an excellent reason to start your journey on practicing relaxation as it is National Relaxation Day. So, break away from that fast-paced and hectic lifestyle that you have, and relax a little!