Product Review: BLAQ - Eye Mask + Hyaluronic Acid

You know after a rough night of not sleeping well for whatever reason? Maybe you had a late night out, or you're studying for an exam, it could be that the little munchkins are keeping you up or maybe you just a late wine night. Point is, when you wake up from a rough night, it shows on your face, especially under your eyes. So, you need something that will help you revitalize your under eyes!

The BLAQ eye mask comes with 5 masks and works wonders on puffy, tired eyes. Not only is this mask 100% cruelty free, but the activated charcoal is a natural purifier and effectively absorbs excess oil keeping the skin dry and spot-free, while the hyaluronic acid-infused booster gel really hydrates and pumps the skin. It is also infused with the soothing anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial goods of the extract Hamamelis Virginiana. Making under eyes look rejuvenated and fresh, I highly recommend that you to try the BLAQ eye mask.