In the Wake of Covid19 - Social Distancing

We are hearing every single day that this is an unprecedented time, not only for Canadians, but for the whole entire world. As we try to deal with this pandemic, there are a lot of 'out-of-the-norm' things being asked of us to do like work from home, self-isolate, social distance ourselves from others, close shop and so much more. While all these measures are really to keep us and others safe, isolation and social distancing can take a massive toll on our mental well-being. Therefore, it's super important that we keep our own mental health in check.

When you're isolated, your mind tends to run on unnecessary thoughts, creating anxiety and causing depression. I have had to think outside the box for the last week of what else (other than work) I can do to keep myself busy. I thought why not create a checklist of fun things to do while I practice social distancing - one where I could check off all the boxes while I’m doing my part in keeping the community safe. It helps me stay busy, keep my mind fresh, and give me a new perspective to life itself. I know a lot of you are doing the same thing, so I wanted to share what I came up with just in case there's something on it that you can add to your list! Here are 30 great things to do at home:

  1. Clean your kitchen appliances (ie. Stove, microwave, fridge, etc.)

  2. Get a donation bag (or two) ready for the homeless shelter

  3. Rearrange your furniture to keep things looking interesting at home

  4. Learn to cook or bake something new everyday

  5. Create a book club with close friends and chose to discuss 2-3 chapters every week via FaceTime or Duo

  6. Have unscheduled dance breaks throughout your day

  7. Journal everyday with how your feeling

  8. Dress up even if you're not going anywhere

  9. Watch an episode of "Friends" everyday

  10. Follow a yoga YouTube video every morning

  11. Close your eyes and relax your mind for at least 5 minutes every morning after waking up

  12. Give your body at least 15 minutes of exercise everyday

  13. FaceTime/Duo a friend or family member to stay connected

  14. Do some karaoke

  15. Do a crossword

  16. Start a 500-1000-piece puzzle

  17. Choose a DIY project and do it (tons on Pinterest)

  18. Organize your house

  19. Plant something

  20. Play board games

  21. Have movie nights

  22. Look through old albums

  23. Have a virtual dinner or a coffee date with a friend

  24. Write a letter to someone via text

  25. Have old clothes? Search the internet to see what you can make out of them

  26. Check out new apps

  27. Conquer a Rubik's Cube

  28. Colour - It actually calms you

  29. Learn a new language

  30. Make a collage with positive words

Keeping your mind busy in the middle of all this hustle-and-bustle is key. Do things that make you feel happy, sane and grounded. You'd be surprised at how busy you can actually keep your mind at home. So for you, you loved ones and for the whole world, please stay home, wash your hands, and stay safe - Here’s to s o c i a l d i s t a n c i n g !