4 Big Tips on How to be Organized This Year

Can you believe how fast 2020 went and 2021 came? The beginning of a new year and the end of a crazy one, right?! Let’s hope that 2021 is surrounded by love and light, and that we all get through this pandemic soon! The beginning of a year always has me wanting to either trash, recycle or donate things, and really focus on getting organized!

It’s not a secret that people waste hours on trying to get organized and in a lot of cases, it can cause anxiety, fatigue or even a form of depression. It can also interfere with finances, accomplishing certain goals, and wasting the use of good storage spaces around the home. Getting organized helps you live better in uncountable ways emotionally and physically, but here are 4 tips that really stand out to me.

Getting rid of the clutter. Getting rid of all the clutter around the home allows you to get a good night sleep. When you have things lying all over the place, you tend to stay up trying to clean it all up. Staying clutter free allows you to sleep in a clutter-free environment, lessening the anxiety of having to clean up constantly.

Healthy lifestyle. Did you know that planning out your meals actually helps you decrease impulsive eating? If you have a set meal and snack plan, you eliminate eating junk. Planning out your weekly meals will help you stay organized and focused on healthy eating. Take some time out of your Sunday to meal plan.

Free up time. When you are organized, you free up time to do other things like concentrate on YOU. Appreciate the small things like reading a book, drawing, or just going out for a walk. When you have free time, you eliminate the stress and feel much more at ease in the environment that you are in.

Trash, recycle or donate. Chances are, while you are organizing, that you will find a whole lot that you don't use at all. It’s a good time for you to either trash, recycle or donate, depending on the item. A lot of the time, we tend to collect and store things that only create more clutter.

You can see the bigger picture. Now that the clutter is all gone and everything has a home, you can find items easily. You’re literally looking at the bigger picture. This means that you can confidentially take care of your finances, boost your productivity, and create more space for things that you love.

All in all, making simple changes on how you stay organized can help keep your stress at bay and allow you to be worried-free when you have guests over. It can also help you with spotting something that maybe out of place, so that you easily put it back in its home; and in return, that will make you feel much more productive!

So today, because there isn’t a better time than accomplishing this in the new year, start organizing! I would love to hear your ideas on how you stay organized… Comment below!

Wishing you all the best throughout the mess - xo Char.

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