5 Mental Wellness Tips

Your mental wellbeing is so important, especially right now while everyone is stuck in a pandemic. Here are five tips that can help strengthen your mental health. #wellnesswednesday.

Use Aromatherapy. Using certain essential oils is considered a holistic treatment which may help with improving your mental health. Essential oils originated from plants and have been around since the olden days. Cedarwood can help with relieving stress, Chamomile can help with inflammation, and Lavender can help with anxiety symptoms. Essential oils can be found in specialty stores or in almost every major drugstore, and is best when used with a diffuser.

Adult Colouring. Did you know that colouring pictures has a huge amount of good benefits? Colouring can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve your motor skills, help with sleep and improve your focus. So, don’t hesitate to grab some pencil crayons and starting colouring. You can also get some great mediative colouring books online.

Cook Your Favourite Meal. Cooking food helps you exercise your creative outlet. Therefore, cooking your favourite meal allows you to enjoy what you are making, while staying organized and patient. It also helps you make healthier choices for your body, mind and soul.

Learn How to Say No. Learning how to say no plays an important part in having some mental peace. Creating boundaries will help you with the guilt that may be associated with saying no. Once you establish how to say no, you will value yourself more as a person and thus, it will be beneficial for your mental wellbeing.

Get Crafty. It’s a small thing, but making or building something can alleviate some symptoms of anxiety and depression. Getting crafty also benefits your brain in the sense that it keeps it always thinking.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” - Buddha